About Us

With over 40 years in the business, Samuel M-Portolan has an extensive history in high-quality vehicles and parts. Chris Coleman who was the previous owner has passed on the business. Samuel, a British/German car specialist has worked on an extensive amount of Jaguars. The team and himself ensure the finest service on modern Jaguars as well as vintage classic Jaguars.

The workshop is fully equipped with the latest technology including, Jaguar’s own World Diagnostics & Autologic systems, the very latest Air-Conditioning equipment and the very best SUN 1500 CRYPTON machine for all early cars.  We are a certified MOT testing workshop. The team consists of 2 highly skilled auto technicians.

We are always on the lookout for good skilled Auto Technicians.  If you would like to work on classic modern Jaguars and Daimler cars and you are an experienced, enthusiastic and passionate mechanic, and would like to join a professional team, please contact us at info@thejagworkshop.co.uk


Meet the Team

Owner Samual Head Shot

Samuel Mousavi-Portolan

Owner & Head Mechanic
Mechanic Jeff Head Shot


Head Mechanic